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An Introduction to Float Therapy (Laughs Included)

Many people, especially in Kansas City, have no idea what to expect from float therapy. Popular YouTube stars Rhett and Link decided to make a couple videos documenting their first experience at a float spa in California via their Good Mythical Morning talk show. In their first video, they visit Ed at ifloatSPACE to find out what float therapy is all about. I’ll let this hilarious video show the rest. Rhett and Link also posted a follow-up video that describes their experience within the actual tank more completely. It is…

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A Brief History of the Floating World

Would you have guessed that floating has been around for 60 years? The study of humans subjected t0 sensory deprivation originated in Canada in the 1950s, but the idea for the utilization of the isolation tank started with Dr. John C. Lilly in 1954. His water-filled “tank”, was an experiment to test the prevailing scientific idea that human consciousness was a result of interaction with the material world, and if stimulus to the brain ceased, so would function. The results amazed Dr. Lilly and he continued to study the affect isolation…

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Float Therapy is Helping Veterans with PTSD

A friend of Floating KC and industry veteran Kevin Johnson is starting to get a ton of media attention with his independent case studies conducted at The Zero Gravity Institute of Austin, Texas! Above you’ll see a video from a local Austin, Texas news station showing how float therapy is helping veterans with PTSD treat their afflictions without the use of pharmaceuticals or medication. Some may even stop their medications altogether after participating in a float therapy regimen. The benefits for veterans or soldiers with PTSD are so intriguing, that even the…

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The Importance of Doing “Nothing”!

The benefits of salt water float therapy are numerous not only for one’s physical well-being but for our minds as well. Many say that the most beneficial part of floating result from the ability to let your consciousness run wild without any distraction, allowing your mind and body to finally experience true “nothing”. In an episode of the popular Warrior Poet podcast, Kevin Johnson of the Zero Gravity Institute and Float Spa in Austin TX, speaks with Aubrey Marcus (of Onnit Labs) on the importance of “unlocking human potential” in…

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Sensory Reduction Can Solve Big Problems: Just Ask Lisa Simpson!

  The beauty spa industry has recently discovered flotation therapy, and every year more are adding flotation services for their clients.   Most it seems, are unfortunately marketing floating only through its beauty and relaxation benefits (elimination of gravity and Epsom salt immersion), opting to exclude the sensory deprivation element.  This has caused most spa’s and clubs to utilize open salt water float pools (below) with music and light administered throughout. Contrarily, “Float Spas” and “Float Centers” are at their core facilities focused explicitly on administering the complete float experience…

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Floating for Exercise and Athletics

If you’re familiar with floating and isolation therapy, you no doubt are aware of the many benefits it has to offer. Whether it be mental or physical, the list continues to grow as research discovers more about the processes occurring within the float chamber. An often overlooked demographic that can benefit greatly from float therapy are athletes. Physically, float therapy starts with increased magnesium absorption from the epsom salts dissolved in the water. In addition to relieving pain and muscle cramps caused by increased physical activity, this magnesium also helps produce…

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“Fear And Floating” – By Sean L. (FKC Staff)

Fear and Floating     The most common response I receive when I tell people about floating is fear. Regardless of occupation, worldview, or spiritual disposition, the majority of people who have never floated before feel at least somewhat frightened at the idea. There’s always a varying amount of intrigue involved, yet as it stands in our initial conversation, the fear is speaking loudest. I love then when I get to explain that there’s nothing to fear. One of the primary fears is claustrophobia. People think they will feel trapped, contained….

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