What if I’m claustrophobic?
Our float rooms are the size of a walk-in closet. There have been no complaints of claustrophobia from people who float in Zero Gravity Float Rooms. In the end, floaters are always in control and quickly lose track of the surrounding walls.
When should I arrive?
Its a good idea to leave yourself 10-15 minutes before your float. Besides parking, it helps decrease any stress or anxiety related to being punctual.
Do I need to bring anything?
No, we provide everything from robes and towels to soap and conditioner for before and after your float. If you wear contacts be sure to bring your contact lens case and solution.
How are your float rooms kept clean?
The entire contents of our float rooms are filtered no less than six times after each use. We utilize state-of-the-art filtration that utilizes H202 and UV light in it’s three-stage filtration.
Is there anything I should do to prepare for my float?
We recommend a few things to optimize your experience and avoid any discomfort: We recommend you do not shave or wax any part of your body. Eating a small meal an hour and a half before your float, while avoiding caffeine, is also recommended.
What if I fall asleep?
Falling asleep is not only completely safe, it also occurs from time to time. The buoyancy in the water and salt solution actually deters you from flipping over, so it is nothing to worry about.[/expand}
Where can I securely store my belonging?We have lockers available in your changing rooms in which you keep the key in your provided robe to securely store your belongings.
Can I float if I'm menstruating or pregnant?
You can float in any condition allowed in swimming pools with the proper protocol for your needs. In addition, pregnant women find immense relief from stress using floating, and have been using this therapy for decades. *Please consult with your doctor if you are in your third trimester and booking a float session.
Who came up with float therapy anyways?
Short answer: John C. Lilly. Long Answer: visit our blog!
Why use Zero Gravity Float Rooms?
In our personal experience and professional research, we have found that Zero Gravity Float Rooms provide the best experience to the widest audience of persons who participate in float therapy.
Will my skin turn pruney, like in the bathtub or swimming pool?
The solution of water and epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) in our float rooms, in fact, makes your skin smooth and soft. There is some absorption of the epsom salt, so if you feel parched, please ask an attendant for a complementary bottle of water or make sure to hydrate yourself after your float. 
Can I still float if I dye my hair?
We ask that you wait two weeks between coloring your hair and floating with us. This is asked as the salt content of the water may leach color from your hair if you float any earlier than two weeks after your coloring.
Can I wear a swim suit?
You can wear a swim suit if you like, however, Floating is all about minimizing as much sensation on your body as possible, so most people find the addition of a swimsuit uncomfortable over time during their float.

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