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Floatation and Sensory Reduction Therapy

Benefits of floating

What is floating all about?

Floating is about everything you WON'T be doing. You won't be fighting gravity. The 1200lbs of epsom salt in the 10 inch deep water takes care of that while you lie comfortably on your back. The water is kept at 93.5 degrees and the tank is about the size of a King bed. This is skin-receptor neutral, which means you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins. Noise from the outside doesn't reach you. After you shut the door the lights dim, the music fades, and you float in silence and total darkness. 

During your float, the outside world is gone, and amazing things happen. It turns out that when you're not fighting gravity or constantly taking in information your body and mind have a lot of extra resources at their disposal. Your mind is free to relax, process, and explore without distraction. Your brain pumps out dopamine and endorphins, and your body gets to rest, de-stress, and heal. 


Why float?

With nothing to distract you, your level of creativity, concentration, and knowledge absorption is astonishing. 


People float to relieve stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction, eliminate chronic pain, and much more. Floating naturally increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow that lasts for days afterwards.


Everything you experience while floating comes from within yourself. It's the perfect time to reflect on your life, and reports of creative and personal insights abound. Flotation can also be thought of as training wheels for meditation. After about 30 minutes of floating, your mind starts producing theta brain waves, which are responsible for that "between waking & sleeping" state. After years of practice, people can enter theta state through deep meditation. Float tanks get you there effortlessly.


People have cut strokes off their golf game, developed complex scientific theories, composed music and drafted whole portions of books while floating.

Float Tips/Pre-Appointment

Before arriving:

Book your float through our website or call (913) 730-0722.

On the day of your float:

Avoid eating heavily or consuming caffeine an hour or two before your float.

Avoid shaving right before your float as salt can sting an open cut.

Arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment

We have everything you need to float (Robe, towel, earplugs, shampoo and conditioner) Bring your own brush

Upon arrival:

Check in at the Floating KC desk with one of our float guides

Your guide will show you around and walk you through your floating process

Before your float:

While taking your shower wet the earplugs, squeeze the water out and put them in your ears

We suggest keeping the shower water on the cooler side, wash off your day and begin the relaxation process.

After finishing your shower dry your face off and step into the float cabin.

Within 5 minutes the lights and music will turn off .

Now your journey begins!

What if I have a question that's not on here? Comments or suggestions?

Please fill out our contact form. Thank you!

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